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“KoKo the Time Traveling Coconut” is an episodic series that follows a surfing  coconut who has been struck by lightning and given the ability to travel through  time and dimensional space. KoKo is a charismatic, but sometimes mischievous  coconut that finds himself in precarious situations time and time again.

Picture a Spongebob like character, funny, unpredictable and goofy, but with the ability to time travel.  KoKo’s need to travel trough time and space is fueled by his undying desire to find his long lost family.  Life  on the tropical island of Ahe Ahe is beautiful and vibrant with plenty of great surf, but unknown to its  residents the island is full of mystical occurrences.  KoKo was raised by his neighbor Muscles the mussel, a  tough, yet loving war veteran. Despite KoKo being an outcast, his best friends Chuckles (an avocado), and  Olivia, or Olive for short, join KoKo in all of his adventures. Strong purpose driven narratives, exciting other  world explorations, and hilarious characters make up the dynamic universe of   “KoKo the Time Traveling Coconut”.

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