Bug Rangers

It's about being all a kid bug can be – inside and out. It’s about being bug-sized in a human sized world and how it takes everything you’ve got to beat the odds… have all the fun you can find along the way.


Is a superhero series consisting of two 11-minute stacked episodes, with an emphasis on character and comedy. The Balloonatiks are loony, beguiling, quick-quipped and off-the-wall. They can expand themselves to outrageous proportions, float over buildings, zoom like air jets and bounce through clouds. Their motto: Always lend a helping hand and never fall in love with a cactus!

zeppelin reign

(Television Series and Action-Adventure Downloadable Video game)

A Steam punk cityscape; this place is an outlaw frontier where the Vent Monkeys are too busy beating each other up to fight gas fires and the majority of police do as much looting as the criminals. Airgonauts to the rescue as the arrival of the rogue band of freedom fighters signal the start of a long struggle to make the city safe once again for its citizenry.